Wyverns can be found in the Wyvern Mountains, around the upper parts of the mountainside and sleeping in their nests or flying around at night. Their nests are holes in the mountain.

The ones at Wyvern Mountains are somewhat larger than Arkeoplis, are reptilian, and have green batlike wings. They can breathe flames.

When defeated, they don't respawn for half a day.

Winter Event Wyvern Edit

One of the Raid Quests of the Winter Event (the 【Wyvern Subjugation】) involved summoning and defeating a Wyvern at Wyvern Mountains inside the lower level caves. It's a raid-class quest boss, requiring multiple parties to take down. Parties of players had to collect objects throughout the caves and then summon it in the large central room.

Compared to the standard Wyvern, the Winter Event Wyvern is a different sub-species and color, and is about twice as large. It has a reptile body and bat-like claws which it uses to stick to the walls. Its nails and fangs are both longer and sharper, and its body is a grey-brown color. In addition, it has bloodshot eyes and saliva dripping from its mouth that seems be a strong acid. It has an intensely strong fire breath.

Appearances in the Story Edit

During the Winter Event, when Yun went to the Wyvern Mountains to collect a slime mould, he ran into PKers and was chased. Flein and his guild showed up to fight the PKers, but the Wyvern was summoned.

Later, during the New Years' Update, Yun, Sei, Taku, and Myu went to the Wyvern Mountains to collect an 【Unfertilized Wyvern Egg】. In order to accomplish this, Yun and Sei had to lure out a Wyvern from its den.