【Sword】 is a basic sword-type Sense. It allows players to deal damage using Swords, and adds a skill correction to players who have it.

Derived Senses Edit

Available at 【Sword】level 30(?)

  • 【One-Handed Sword】
  • 【Two-Handed Sword】
  • 【Dual Swords】
  • 【Dagger】
  • 【Katana】

Available when【Sword】 and【Whip】both reach level 30

Art Edit

  • 《Delta Slash》 (Condition: 【Sword】 level 5)
  • 《Fifth Breaker》 (Condition: use 《Delta Slash》 100 times)
  • 《Shock Impact》(Condition: hit an enemy with high defense 100 times using Arts)

Player(s) who obtained this Sense: