{D} = Derivation Requires a parent sense to have a minimum level but does not "consume" the parent sense to obtain.

{H} = Higher Sense (Parent Sense Reset and Re-obtainable)

{M} = Merges 2 or more Senses into 1 Sense (Parent Senses Reset and Re-obtainable)

The Listed Senses have been broken up loosely into groups to make it easier to sort through them.

Weapon/Equipment Senses Edit

  • Fist
    • 【Martial Arts】{D} (Fist + Kick)
      • 【Martial Arts Skills】{H} (requires Throwing Skills?)
  • 【Kick】
  • Sword
    • 【One-Handed Sword】 {D}
    • 【Two-Handed Sword】 {D}
    • 【Dual Swords】 {D}
    • 【Dagger】 {D}
    • 【Katana】 {D}
    • Connecting Sword】 {D} (Sword + Whip)
  • Whip
  • Staff
  • 【Club】
  • 【Musical Instrument】

Crafting Senses Edit

See also: Crafting Sense List

Magic Senses Edit

I have listed a potential Higher Sense for Recovery since it seems unlikely that it would be the only magic type without a Higher Sense.

I Guessed possible names for the Higher Senses of Earth, Light and Darkness Element Talents based on the theme of the magic. Sunlight is the most likely name of the Higher Light Element Talent based on the abilities we have seen Myu use (Sol Ray and Sunlight Shower both having Sun named Themes).  Rock seems thematically suitable and Void was just a pure guess I couldn't think of any other thematically suitable name.

Support\Utility Senses Edit

I have Stealth and it's Higher Sense Concealment in this Category since we have seen Toutobi use a Skill from it (Shadow Dive), also it can be "Activated" and disabled at the users choice while equipped it isn't permanently on, much like Hawk Eyes and Snake Eyes.

Throw and Throwing are in this category rather than weapon\equipment senses because it just allows you to throw weapons rather than equip specific weapons.

Linguistics COULD possibly be a passive sense that is always on but seemed to fit within the support grouping.

Passive Senses Edit

  • 【Magic Attack Increase】 - 【Attack Mage】 {H}
    • Magic Increase】 {M} (Magic Attack Increase + Magic Defense Increase)
  • 【Magic Defense Increase】  - 【Protection】 {H}
  • Speed Increase】 - 【Swiftness】 {H}
  • 【Stamina Recovery】


I also query Clan being a derivation rather than a Higher Sense but in the sense build data of both Emily and Mikadzuchi both displayed the Parent Sense at 30 or higher along with the lower level Clan Sense. 

Elemental resistances are first mentioned in Volume Silver Muse when the basic elements are mentioned.

Abnormal Senses Edit

  • Possession】 - Only obtainable by possessed monsters
  • PK Sense】 - Only obtainable by PKs