SP stands for Sense Points. By using SP, players can get new Senses to start building your own Sense build. However, there are can be disadvantages to gaining a lot of SP: As soon as a player's total SP rises above certain points, the effects of potions will be reduced to a fix amount. SP is earned by leveling Senses. Once a Sense reaches level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on, that player will received 1 SP at each milestone. In addition, certain events (such as the Winter Event reward) give all players a set amount of SP as a "reward" from the developers.

  • When SP exceeds 10,the effect of Beginner's Potions is reduced (v1ch2,said Ken)
  • When SP exceeds 50,the effect of Potions is reduced                 (v8ch2,see and understand)
  • There is another limit for High Potions, 100 SP, and presumably another for Mega Potions.

There are ways around this:healing magic or using potions that are not affected by the SP limit. However, for some players, that is impractical or simply the available alternatives to potions don't heal enough HP.

Special: Blue Potions and Yellow Potions and other healing items not in the regular Potion line are not affected by SP.

Some Senses cost 1SP, others cost 2SP, and a few cost as many as 5SP. In addition, the Sense Expansion Quest costs 50SP. However, even spent SP still counts towards the Potion healing limit.