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This wiki is based on Only Sense Online (オンリーセンス・オンライン),
a web/light novel written by Zachou Aloha (座長 アロハ) and illustrated by Yukisan (ゆきさん).

It revolves around Yun, a novice MMO player who has equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after everyone started to notice the strongest play style which made full use of support magic and items.
Light Novels

OSO v01 Cover.jpg OSO v02 Cover.jpg OSO v03 Cover.jpg

OSO v04 Cover.jpg OSO v05 Cover.jpg Oso06.jpg

OSO v07 Cover.jpg OSO v08 Cover.jpg OSO v09 Cover.jpg

OSO v10 Cover.jpg OSO v11 Cover.jpg OSO v12 Cover.jpg

Please note there are differences between the web version and light novel version. For english translations on the light novel, go to


Only Sense Online Manga Cover vol 01.jpg Only Sense Online Manga Cover vol 02.jpg Only Sense Online Manga Cover vol 03.jpg

Only Sense Online Manga Cover vol 04.jpg Only Sense Online Manga Cover vol 05.jpg

The web novel (in Japanese) can be found here:

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