Only Sense Online Volume 8
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  • Prologue - Inside Body Dungeon and Parasitic Insects
  • Chapter 1 - [Eight Million Gods] and Tasting Party
  • Chapter 2 - Resistance Senses and Leveling
  • Chapter 3 - The Expedition and Volcanic Area
  • Chapter 4 - Demonfolk Resort and Lottery Tickets
  • Chapter 5 - Yellow Potion and Arena
  • Chapter 6 - Curse and Hot Springs
  • Epilogue - A Party and Accessories

Plot Summary Edit

While traveling through the Inside Body Dungeon with Taku's party, Yun discovered several things: (1) he dislikes guro-style (gore) horror, (2) potions along the lines of blue potions are fundamentally different from the regular potion line, and (3) Yun is extremely susceptible to bad statuses.

As a celebration, the [Eight Million Gods] hold a party, and invite Yun and Myu along. Rather than staying with the party, Yun heads off to hang out with the guild's crafters and learns how to make other accessories including wood and bone accessories and beaded bracelets. Mikadzuchi offers to help Yun speed-level, and so Yun, remembering his experience in the dungeon, asks for help with Resistance Senses.

As a method to entice Yun to join the guild, Yun's offered to join then while exploring the frontlines in the Volcanic Area. Yun accidentally discovers the final key, and so all the players there can explore the next town for the first time, the Demonfolk Resort. Because Mikadzuchi leveled enough that High Potions are no longer as effective for her, she asks Yun to make the next potion above the Blue Potion - which, he does after some experimentation.

Soon after, Mikadzuchi invites Yun to join her and Sei in their attempt on the Arena. They have to withdraw just before the reward Sei wanted, but everything works out in the end.

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