Only Sense Online Volume 2
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  • Epilogue - Shop and Lack of Customers
  • Chapter 1 - Cooking and Satiety
  • Chapter 2 - The Summer Event and The Young Beasts
  • Chapter 3 - The Unicorn and The Collapsed Elf
  • Chapter 4 - Swimming and The Ruins on the Lake Bottom
  • Chapter 5 - The Cursed Equipment and The Young Fox
  • Chapter 6 - Revenge and The Mage
  • Chapter 7 - A Stroll and The Emergency Quest
  • Chapter 8 - The Great Eater of Mythical Beings and Support
  • Epilogue - Reward and The Customers

Summary Edit

Yun, having opened up his store, is bored because no customers are coming by.

Meanwhile, the Summer update occurs. It introduces the Satiety system and the soon-to-come Summer Camping Event, requiring players to eat or otherwise suffer a bad Status. This leads Yun to decide to take the Cooking Sense, justifying it as a hobby that produces consumables. After an accident in a river, he decides to take the Swimming Sense as well.

Because his sisters and friend are already in parties and have a different playstyle than him, Yun decides to party up with other crafters for the event. His Mixing Sense and Cooking Sense come in handy during the event. He also runs into three Young Beasts, quickly befriending them by bribing them with sandwiches. Unfortunately, after bringing them back, the other three crafters bond with them as well, leaving Yun without any animals.

While exploring, Yun ends up running into a unicorn and befriending another player who also took the Taming Sense (and had much more success with it). Yun unlocks a Cooking skill and, taking advantage of the Swimming Sense, defeats a Western Fish Boss, and discovers some unique rewards in the ruins under the lake.

Soon afterwards, Yun meets up with Myu's party, rescues a black fox that was wearing cursed equipment, and brings them all back to his party's camp, to eat. The next day, when almost everyone is out, three players come by and attack Yun and Lyly, thinking they instigated the death of their party members. Luckily, Sei arrives in the nick of time to save them, and Sei's guild parties all night, forcing Yun to prepare consumables and take care of pets.

Raid Bosses then arrive as the event winds down, and Yun is instrumental in a crazy maneuver to defeat one of them. As the event ends, the top-scoring parties are rewarded; Yun's party is one of them, largely thanks to their crafting focus throughout the event. They each receive a reward and gain the partnership of the pets they've bonded with: Yun with the black fox and the unicorn.


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