Only Sense Online Volume 1
OSO v01 Cover
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Only Sense Online Volume 2
  • Prologue - A Tester and A Beginner
  • Chapter 1 - Official Opening and Mishappen Senses
  • Chapter 2 - Crafting and Enchant
  • Chapter 3 - The Crystal Tree and Myu
  • Chapter 4 - The Golem and The Third Town
  • Chapter 5 - The Pursuers and Equipment
  • Chapter 6 - The Trion Ring and Value of Information
  • Chapter 7 - The Black Maiden's Longbow and The Magic Gem
  • Chapter 8 - The Blade Lizard and The Train Man
  • Epilogue - The Archer and The Atelier
Note: Vol 1 is a compilation of web novel chapters
from 1 to 43.

Plot Summary Edit

At the behest of his younger sister Myu and childhood friend Taku, Shun joins the brand new virtual reality game Only Sense Online, but the game system mistakes him for a girl and he makes the avatar Yun. His sisters blackmail him into continue playing as a girl character. Intending to play as a support character, Yun chooses a bunch of Senses that everyone considers worthless. Not wanting to drag his sisters down, he sets off as a solo player and begins training crafting Senses and the other 'worthless' senses. Thanks to Yun's unique combination of Senses, they end up mostly working out anyway.

Thanks to Yun's skills, he ends up making high-quality potions and befriends the crafter Magi. Yun provides potions and Magi gives back information about how to craft. Over the course of the volume, Yun travels with Myu and her group, as well as Taku's group, to help Yun train and travel to new areas. Thanks to Taku's group, Yun learns to make better potions, gets better at crafting, learns how to effectively use his Senses, arrives at Third Town, and becomes known by a couple other crafters. With the help Myu's group, Yun continues to level up, practices using new items he recently created, and arrives at Second Town (allowing Yun to construct a building on the farmland Yun bought earlier).


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