Myu is the younger sister of Yun. She was a β tester.


Alternative Name:

  • ミュウ

Myu, whose real name is Miu, is a girl in her third year of middle school and a high level gamer. In Only Sense Online she plays a paladin character build of her own, although her image of paladins is a little unorthodox. During an event as a β tester she distinguished herself as a hero and gained the alias "Silver Paladin". After the official launch she used her knowledge of the game to start leveling with the goal of getting back to the level she was on the β.

Together with her Friend Hino, she gathered other players and made a party. They adventure through the game world and are not affiliated with any guild as of yet.

Senses Edit

Volume 1/The Silver Muse Edit

【Sword Lv1】 【Armour Lv1】
【Physical Attack Increase Lv1】 【Physical Defence Increase Lv1】
【Magic Power Lv1】 【Magic Talent Lv1】
【Magic Recovery Lv1】* 【Light Element Talent Lv1】
【Recovery Lv1】 【Fighting Spirit Lv1】
Initial sense build

【One-Handed Sword Lv9】 【Armour Lv24】
【Magic Talent Lv41】 【Magic Power Lv35】
【Physical Increase Lv4】 【Speed Increase Lv18】
【Light Element Talent Lv21】 【Recovery Lv20】
【Equipment Weight Reduction Lv2】 【Action Restriction Release Lv6】
【Sword Lv30】 【Fighting Spirit Lv10】
【Magic Recovery Lv10】

Volume 2 Edit

Gained 【Poison Resistance】 before the camping event.



  • Yun ( Older Brother)
  • Sei (Older Sister)




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