[Mixing] is a crafting Sense based on making potions, enhancing drugs, and chemistry-related items. To use this Sense properly it is required to also acquire the [[[Magic Power]]] sense as well.

To get started with [Mixing] one is required to purchased the Mixing set from the NPC shop, collect or buy materials for crafting, and process the materials accordingly. At first the player won't know how to make anything and will require to learn through trial and error, find quests to learn [Recipes] or look over books in the library, (this last one will require the user to acquire the [[[Linguistics]]] sense). After succeeding in creating a product, it will be added to a menu of known [Recipes]. Through this menu the player can select the [Recipe] and at the cost of materials and MP, that player can make the product automatically.

It is worth noting that by making the product by hand and tweaking the method of how you make it, it is possible to improve the quality of the product as well as the registered [Recipe].

Dosing Edit

After reaching [Mixing] level 30, it grows into the higher sense [Dosing] which allows the player to use monster drops to make new medicines.

Dosing Master Edit

After reaching [Dosing] level 50, it can grow into the higher sense [Dosing Master]. This Sense gives higher stat correction for DEX, and makes the player eligible to learn intermediate-level [Recipes] like Mega Potion and MP Pot.

Recipes Edit

Here is a list of some [Recipes] you can make with [Mixing] or Higher Sense:

Recovery Bad Status Recovery Random Itens
Beginner Potion Antidote Potion Fertilizer
Beginner Pill Paralysis Potion Insect Repelling Incense
Blue Potion Curse dispel Potion Damage Potion
High Potion Awareness Medicine Explosive Clay
MP Potion Strife Prevention Drug Fireworks
Condensed Potion Dusk Resistance Drug Hair-Growth Medicine
Revival Medicine Rage Sedating Drug Hair-Shortening Medicine
Yellow Potion Fascination Resistance Antidote Age-Faking Medicine
Holy Mountain's Magic Water
Demon's Wonder Pill
Mega Potions
MP Pot
Bad Status Inducing Stat/Damage Increase
Poison Potion (1-5) Boost Tablet
Paralysis Potion (1-5) Cannibalistic Elixir
Sleep Potion (1-5) Element Cream
Stun Potion (1-5) Magic Potion: Echo Liquid
Charm Fragance Magic Potion: Flash Liquid
Magic Potion: Blinding Liquid