Alternative Name:

  • ルカート

Lucato is a sword-using player who met Myu and joined up with her shortly after the game began. Because Hino and Myu were so impressed with how quickly she learned and her judgment, they chose Lucato to be their team commander.

She started playing Only Sense Online because of how much she enjoys mythology and fantasy novels, including Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Senses Edit

Volume 3 Edit

Two-Handed Sword Lv24】 Metal Armour Lv14】
Magic Power Lv32】 HP Increase Lv31】
Physical Increase Lv20】 Provocation Lv21】
Magic Defence Increase Lv22】 Party Lv40】
Natural HP Recovery Increase Lv40】 Swordsman's Knowledge Lv39】
Sword Lv30】 One-Handed Sword Lv9】
Poison Resistance Lv2】 Speed Increase Lv20】
Physical Defence Increase Lv10】 Shield Lv21】
Equipment Weight Reduction Lv11】


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