【Hawk Eyes】 is a Sense that applies far sight, night vision, allows for sight underwater and widens the range of targeting capability on the players who obtained it.The higher the Sense, the further you can see.【Hawk Eyes】 was called a trash Sense because it only allows you to look at distant objects ("【Hawk Eyes】 only allows you to look at distant objects and isn't an unique Sense at all!" said Myu).

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Hawk Eyes being used by Yun for the first time

Example uses: Edit

  • 【Hawk Eyes】+【Enchant】(Increase Enchant range as long as can be seen)
  • 【Hawk Eyes】+【Discovery】(Find more hidden places)
  • 【Hawk Eyes】+ "magic and elemental-type Senses" (Long-ranged magic attacks will aim correctly at a farther distance)

Sense Derivation Edit

There is currently only one derived sense.

Sky Eyes, higher Sense of Hawk Eyes

Players who obtained this Sense:

Sky Eyes Edit

After 【Hawk Eyes】reaches level 50 it unlocks its higher sense 【Sky Eyes】. After growing it allows expanding the targeting ability within the visible range. It also unlocks the support skill:

  • Zone

It can be used alone but is oriented to be used with other skills. When triggered, it expands the single effect skills and magic range.

  1. You can activate the same skill multiple times at the same time;
  2. Casting delay doesn't increase with the number of skills used;
  3. Base Skill's MP consumption increases 10 times;
  4. Up to 6 castings the MP consumption will remain static, but beyond 6, it increases.

In addition, it allows the user to see attacks occur in slow motion on occasion.

Players who obtained this Sense:

  • Yun

Appearances in the story Edit

Hawk Eyes is one of the first ten Senses Yun unlocks, and is initially the one that levels up the quickest so he continues to use it. Yun discovers it helps while hunting at night, and Taku's team discovers that the sense interacts well with magic senses like Enchant.