The Forest Camping Game was an early event as part of the Summer Update in Only Sense Online that was used to promote the newly-added Satiety system and the Cooking Sense, and start players on using the Taming Sense, as well as rewarding players who had a more well-rounded Sense build.

Setting Edit

It was located on a floating island in a new area, full of safe zones for players to camp and dungeons with rewards at the end. Many monsters dropped unique cooking-related drops, joke items, and cursed items. The place was also full of Young Beasts that players could befriend, and many poisonous food items couldn't be identified without the help of someone with a relevant Sense, such as Mixing or Survival.

The area changed players' perception of time, such that many days could pass in the space of a few hours. This allowed many players to level various Senses.

In order to force players to think about what Sense they would take, every player was limited to only taking one new Sense during the time period. Many players ended up taking Senses like Cooking to avoid dying of hunger, Survival to identify poisonous and edible plants, or Senses with some utility like Light Element Talent to see at night.