Real Name: Endo

Real OSO Name: Emily

Out of game, Endo is a straight-laced class rep who is friends with Shun and Taku. In-game, she's a masked solo player who is known as the Material Merchant thanks to creating and selling unique items and materials.

She generally gets these items using her Alchemy and Synthesis Senses.

In combat, she uses a whip-sword and depends heavily on synthetic mobs of her own creation. These include things like golems, flying snakelike creatures, and so on.

Sense BuildEdit

Volume 4 Edit

Alchemic Arts Lv12】 Synthesis Lv48】
Connecting Sword Lv20】 Long Sword Lv12】
Physical Increase Lv16】 Sorcery Lv7】
Magic Power Lv20】 Party Lv30】
Clan Lv3】 Improve Commanding Lv24】
Sword Lv30】 Whip Lv30】
Light Armour Lv19】 Craftsmanship Lv25】
Physical Attack Increase Lv24】 Collector Eye Lv34】
Speed Increase Lv20】


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