It is the Element Talent required to learn and use Magic Skills of the Earth attribute. Because so many of its skills are AoE and can hurt allies, it's harder to use in a group than other magic Senses.

Sense Derivation Edit

There is currently only one known derived sense.

Land Element Talent, higher sense of Earth Element Talent at level 30.

Earth Element Talent Edit

Unlockable Skills Edit

Level 1 Bomb Causes a dust explosion at targeted place
Level 5 Clay Shield raises a column of clay to serve as shield
Level 10 Mudpool Creates a pool of mud that hinders movement through it
Level 15 Earthquake Makes the earth swell and bulge out
Level 20 Rock Burst Makes a 1 kg rock explode and scatter around like shotgun pellets
Level 25 Explosion Enhanced version of "Bomb"
Level 30 Higher Sense 【Land Element Talent】Unlocked

Players who obtained this Sense:

  • Yun
  • Mami

Land Element Talent Edit

【Land Element Talent】is the【Earth Element Talent】's higher Sense. Allows usage of land magic and earth magic. It costs 2SP to take.

Like other upgraded element talents, the only unique Land spell is unlocked at level 10 but other derived spells (derived from the Earth spells) are unlocked as soon as the appropriate Earth spells are used frequently enough.

Unlockable Skills Edit

Level 1 All Earth Element Talent skills Can still use all Earth Element Talent skills
Level 10 ??? Unique Land Spell
Earth Skill cast X times Various Upgraded Land version of Earth skills

Players who obtained this Sense:

  • Yun

Appearances in the story Edit

Light Novel Edit

Yun takes Earth Element Talent in Volume 1. He takes it because it's a lesser-used Sense and none of his acquaintances use it. He largely uses the bomb and clay shield spells, and a few volumes later quickly discovers that he can skill enchant polished gems with bomb and clay shield. Rather than using spells directly, Yun tends to only use them through the enchanted gems, except when used in combination with Sky Eyes.

In Volume 11, Yun finally reaches level 30 and takes the Land Element Talent. However, because Yun didn't use the spells enough times, he doesn't unlock any of the upgraded Land version of spells.