Crafting Senses are a class of Senses that defines what a Crafter is. They are used to make weapons, armor, accessories, potions, and so on.

See Sense List for all Senses instead of just crafting ones. This list only lists the base derivative Senses; see the page for the individual Sense to see what its derivative and higher Senses are.

Consumables Production Edit

Mixing】- produces potions and poisons, as well as other similar consumables

Synthesis】- produces combined items such as arrows

Alchemy】- can produce potions and other objects, mimicking other Crafting Senses with a lower efficiency

Cooking】- can produce food, which can provide bonuses and give Satiety

Metalworking Edit

Smithing】- allows working with metal for creating weapons and armor

Craftmanship】- allows working with metal for creating accessories

Weapon Production Edit

【Smithing】- produces any metal weapon, such as swords, shields, axes, hammers, etc

Woodworking】- produces any wood weapon, such as staves, sticks, and bows

Unknown, likely Spinning - produces nonmetal, nonwood weapons like whips

Armor Production Edit

【Smithing】- produces any metal armor

Spinning】- produces any sewn armor, such as cloth armor

Pelting】- deals with pelts

Accessory Production Edit

【Craftmanship】- produces accessories, ranging from rings to bracelets and amulets

Other Edit

【Synthesis】- allows the creation of synthetic mobs

【Mixing】- has functions that involve mixing things like dirt and fertilizer, or by preparing plants and drops, and so on

【Alchemy】- has functions that can magically manipulate enemy drops into other items