• Jeudi Violist

    Having read the light novel, the manga, and parts of the web novel, I've decided which of the three I like better.

    Spoiler: it's the light novel.

    The web novel is alright. I haven't really read all that much of it, so I don't really have a strong opinion on it yet.

    The manga's good, too. I like all the images that go along with it, but the characters (and world) feel a little flatter. The action is pretty cool, though. Sure, it's nice to see what's going on but I like reading better.

    The light novel's the best, in my opinion. It makes the crafting seem so much better than in the manga. The characters and world details are better, and the action and Yun's thought process are good. And, this story's more about crafting, relationships, worldbuild…

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  • Raunix

    I've only read the manga but this is how I see the characters:

    Yun - Housewife/Mother

    Magi - The person your mother sees at the supermarket and they talk for hours and hours and hou-

    Sei - The mute goddess who appears in every anime

    Myu - The 'kindergartener stuck in a teenager's body' thing

    Am I wrong?

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