The Arena Challenge is located in Demonfolk Resort and can be accessed through paying tickets obtained there.

A party may challenge the arena, but has a limited number of potions that can be brought. Drops aren't obtained from the monsters in the arena, but instead a reward is given based on what challenge level is reached.

Yun, Sei, and Mikadzuchi challenge the Arena in volume 8 of the Light Novel.

Rewards Edit


Mobs Edit

Round 1 Edit

10x Goblin Thugs

  • 3 with swords
  • 2 with axes
  • 2 with spears
  • 2 with bows
  • 1 with a staff

Round 2 Edit

6x Goblin Soldiers

Round 3 Edit

Magma Bear

Round 4 Edit

Hobgoblin Knight

At least 10 Hobgoblin Soldiers

Round 5 Edit

Red Ogre and Blue Ogre

Round 6 Edit


Round 7 Edit

Twin-Torso Warrior

Rounds 8-10 Edit